I told myself if you don’t do this you will be missing out on one of your dreams

Bri McCann
Masters in Education Leadership
Higher Education Leadership in Malaysia and Singapore
Summer I faculty-led program in Malaysia and Singapore

The Moment

I never went on a study abroad trip during my undergrad and I always felt this sense of regret. Last summer I took a global perspectives course for my grad program. My professors told our class about an upcoming faculty led study abroad program to Singapore and Malaysia. The program is looking at different colleges and universities along with an enriching cultural knowledge that fits perfectly with my degree. This was the moment where I told myself if you don’t do this you will be missing out on one of your dreams.


Sometimes it is hard for me to get out of my comfort zone and traveling is something that naturally makes me anxious. Part of the hypochondriac in me thinks about all the bad things that could potentially happen. For example, I fear that I will get sick and miss out on the trip. It sounds farfetched but the hype freaks me out! However, when I commit to something the fear was way worse than the actual experience. I don’t want my life to be mundane and I think that this experience will help me overcome some of my fears.

Excitement and Influences

There is quite a lot I have to look forward to doing abroad. For one, I get to go with the people in my program who are amazing!  The second thing I am ecstatic about is tasting the new cuisine and seeing some amazing sights. I have seen the pictures but this time I actually get to be in them! Lastly I am also excited to meet new people and learn about their experiences.

There have been many people and classes that have influenced me to study abroad. I think my professors have encouraged me the most. Their own experiences were positive and they explained their own personal and educational benefits of cultural enrichment. The stories that they told invigorated me to seek one of the study abroad programs.


As for my family they were pretty excited and worried. Since this is my first time they were pretty overprotective but in a way this was good because they had me consider the positives and negatives. My head was up in the clouds and they brought me to reality which led me to studying more about where I am going, asking questions of my professors and keeping my family up to date.

Overall, I have been up and down with my emotions but deep down know that this will be good for me. I am committed and am actually doing this lifetime experience. I can’t wait for my adventure to begin………………

Photo Credit: https://powerchairdiaries.com/2015/05/22/let-dreams-go/
Photo Credit: https://powerchairdiaries.com/2015/05/22/let-dreams-go/

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