Safety in South Africa

Marshall Lewis
Advertising Major
Spring Semester 2017
I have always wanted to study abroad and I always thought I would go to Japan or London and definitely never even thought about going to South Africa. Then I went to the study abroad fair and saw one of my favorite professors at the Cape Town desk where he showed me many pictures of Cape Town and the overall beauty of this place. I was convince even further so when one of my other favorite professors who has travelled all over the world mentioned that if he could live anywhere it would be Cape Town. The biggest role of choosing Cape Town was the beauty and uniqueness of this place, most students do not plan on going to Africa and many do not even know where Cape Town is…
I have been warned of the many dangers of South Africa but that does not worry me too much. I plan on going about it as if I were walking in Chicago or any major city at night, be wary and travel with others.
I am super excited to meet a ton of interesting people and go on many hikes through the Table Mountain that surrounds Cape Town. I have a huge list of stuff to do and places to explore. Also, I have a 15 hour layover in Dubai so that will be very cool.
Myself. At the end of the day, I listened to myself and made the decision to just go.
My family is very excited and already want to visit…and I have not even left yet. Obviously the parents want me to be safe and have also heard that South Africa is not the safest of places for a 21 student to be but they know I am aware and street smart.
Signing off,
Marshall Lewis

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