Japanese Living

Katelyn Williams
JCMU- Japan



Shopping here is very different than in America. When you go to the store it’s better to have a car or your backpack. The stores do not give you plastic bags unless you ask for them. Many times people bring their own bag to carry their food.  Here when you do throw things away they have recycling laws. You have to buy specific bags to do so. If you go to get clothes they take you bag shut so the cloths do not fall out. Their clothes are smaller than in the US so you buy a bigger size.



Restaurants in Japan are very different from the ones in America. There is a completely different mannerism. When you arrive they great you and seat you. When you are deciding your order they do not come to your table every five minutes.  When you decide to order, they usually have a bell on the table that calls the waiter.  In Japan they usually never do take out. Everyone sits to eat if they eat out. If you ever wanted to do carry out you have to go to a specific restaurant.



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