Media Ethics in London!!!

Written By: Kaley Kelly

Major: Communication Studies

Program: Media Ethics in London



Hello once again my fellow Broncos! I’ve currently been in London now studying abroad for almost two weeks. Studying Media Ethics in London while representing Western Michigan University has exceeded every expectation I had before departing for this glorious journey abroad. Recently, we were asked one major question that has had me pondering my thoughts for some time now and that is “is there anything that has shocked me since I arrived?” and the answer is YES! The one main thing that has shocked me the most is how genuinely friendly British locals have been to our group of international students. There can be a set of nerves that builds up when traveling abroad and wondering whether or not locals of the area are going to act a particular way towards you whether that be from a positive or negative perspective. The wonderful people of the U.K. have been nothing but kind, genuine, and loving with helping our fellow Broncos make our way through London the best way possible. I have built this deeper appreciation of becoming more open-minded to meeting new people and even creating lasting long friendships with individuals from another  country.



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