Money is everything right

Maddie Burda
Major: Public Relations
Program: Religion and Culture in Japan

Money is everything right? Well, this is very true in Japan. Japan is a cash-based society, so I had to do some research prior to departure. With my research I found that my personal bank, Chase does currency exchange for a very low fee. I made a call to the bank and asked for currency worth $500 in Yen. Currently the exchange rate for dollars to yen is about $.0096. For the bank to receive yen it took one week prior to departure.

pic 1

Once I arrived in Japan I realized how modern the country really is. I had to take a train from the airport to Zojoji. Zojoji is the temple in Tokyo that I stayed at for the Religion and Culture program led by Steve Covell. At Zojoji I would stay in a room with two other girls and have assigned shower times from 5pm to 9pm. The showering facility at Zojoji was very different from a Western based style. The style at Zojoji was very traditional to the old Japanese style of bathing. One would sit on a stool and wash the body with soap and rise that soap with a small tub of water. Every morning at Zojoji breakfast was provided but that was it. While on this program I was given money for food for the duration of the program, so the money I exchanged didn’t get used right away. In this program I traveled all over the Tokyo area by train. The trains in Japan are on a completely different level than the ones in the United States. Over a dozen trains would run on the same line and over 30 trains would commute thousands of people every day. In Japan the trains are never late are always clean. This was something I appreciated a lot during my stay in Tokyo.

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