Goodbye and Hello

Hanna Fussman
Major: Tourism & Travel
Program: Religion and Culture in Japan

One thing I never managed to do after my study abroad in Germany was write a final article about it. I could never quite find the words to say goodbye to the place that became a second home. When you study abroad for that long, you leave pieces of yourself there that you’ll never get back. Even if you return, it would not be quite the same.

pic 1
Picture of Zojoji, which is the temple we stayed in during the Tokyo portion of the trip.

Writing a final article about it seemed wrong, because that would mean that it really is ending. That it had ended. But, as a I prepare to head to Japan, I have to think about what’s ahead. While Germany is easily a second home, I have always wanted to go to Japan. The love I have for the culture and language has been present for years and now I have the chance to venture around the country that I have wanted to visit for easily half of my life.

I’m nervous, but I absolutely cannot wait. While I have to say goodbye to Germany for now, of course I will be back at some point (I could never not go back), it is okay because I get to say hello to Japan.

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