Cheap Buys in Thailand

Joseph Thompson
Majors:Food and CPG marketing
Program: Business & Culture Thailand

Starting off let’s talk about flying international. It takes way too long and it’s even harder if you can’t find a way to sleep on the plane. Also I can tell what kind of marketing they were doing when putting the first class private cubby and reclining seats up front so it makes you want them. I was very jealous and I wish I had more money. Speaking of money it’s not that bad spending over here. The exchange rate works in your favor and you can get a lot of things for really cheap. Bartering on the streets is one of my favorite parts negotiating a price for a watch or anything is so much fun.

pic 1.jpg
G-shock for 650 baaht

I was able to purchase a G-shock for 650 baaht which is roughly 20$ USD. But my absolute favorite part so far was the floating market which you get on a small boat and float down a river and buy whatever they have while drifting coasting down. The speed you have to go about these purchases was insane you have to be extremely quick otherwise you will miss out.

pic 2.jpg

People will also pull your boat over to their market just so you would check it out. Let’s talk about food. You don’t have to worry about eating here since you can find any street vendor selling some sort of food. Anything from Mango Sticky rice, fresh coconut, Pad Thai, and coconut ice cream. The food here is absolutely fantastic. The food is so fresh and so inexpensive you just need to try whatever catches your eyes. My final thought is that I am incredibly happy for coming here and from my previous blog I shouldn’t have been worried about a thing.


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