Seven Countries

Nora Owens
Major: Spanish and Occupational Therapy
Non-WMU, AIFS: Granada, Spain

Before I even came to Spain, I knew that I wanted to travel around Europe. It is
so easy to travel in Europe and often can be pretty cheap. I came here wanting to travel three or four weekends a month, but I realized quickly how run down I got after having classes all week and adventuring around Granada with my friends. I started off my semester with 48 hours in London which was great. During the month of September I was lucky enough to travel to Barcelona with a big group of friends and we only had 2 days but we saw most of Barcelona! Later that month I went to Madrid to see some of my friends and was able to stay with one. It’s so great having friends abroad because you get to see them and save a ton of money on food and a place to stay. I really have loved traveling around Spain and with my friends and with my program.

Image: Nora in front of a classic black cab in London.

My program AIFS, has provided trips to the beach at Nerja, Spain and to Seville,
Gibraltar and Cordoba which are all in Spain and were amazing. We have also done a lot in Granada and I feel like I’m starting to know my city. During the month of October, I traveled around Spain, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Portugal. I have been so lucky to be able to explore so many amazing places. I’d have to say that Ireland and Portugal have been some of my favorite countries. Despite being cold and rainy in Dublin, we had great weather on the West coast of Ireland when we went to the cliffs of Moher. My family is from Ireland and my first name is Irish so it was truly amazing to see where I come from. Portugal was amazing as well. We went to Porto, which is famous for Port wine and we were able to visit a wine cave, explore the city and take a trip to the Douro Valley which is absolutely breathtaking.

Cliffs of Moher.jpg
Image: The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Last weekend, I went to Morocco which was a very different experience. The
culture is very different but the people are so nice. We went to the northern part and I am looking forward to going back and going to more southern cities. Next weekend I am going to Paris and the week after, I am going to Rome and Florence, Italy. I can’t wait to keep traveling but am very ready to go home as well.

Camel in Morocco.jpg
Image: Nora on a camel in Morocco.


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