Japanese Fashion

Amy Nguyen
Major: Management
Rikkyo University, AY 2018-2019

Tokyo street fashion is famous all over the world. You can see images of
Japanese fashion on social media, and videos with fashion related content all over the internet. The styles here are all very unique, and some are not afraid to dress outside the box. People of all ages are always dressing to impress. Having a good impression is very important to Japanese people. Whether if it’s work or school, Japanese people want to look put together. It is very rare to find a sloppy dressed person in Japan.

Compared to the outfits we see people wear in the United States, the Japanese
is definitely more fashion forward. The people here, especially young people, dress as of they came out of a magazine, or a very fancy photo shoot. In the United States, I believe we dress more for comfort, then putting a lot of effort in to how we dress. Females tend to wear blouses that have lace or ruffle details, berets, boots, sweaters, dresses, and skirts. Jeans are not very popular with females. Currently, oversized fashion is very popular for girls. For young males, stylish jackets are constantly worn, not matter what the weather is. I sometimes see young Japanese males wear sweaters in the summer. Blazers are also commonly worn for males. Shoes are also kept very clean. Businessmen are dress in suits are year round. Jean jackets are also commonly worn. An item that is very unique is surgical masks. In Asia, surgical masks are worn if you are ill. This way you will not be spreading germs. However, wearing surgical masks are now a fashion statement. Instead of the typical white masks, they now come in a variety of colors, designs, or even have characters on them.


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Just like us, at home Japanese people wear pajamas, or whatever they find
comfortable. At home, they do not need to worry about what people think. They do not need to dress to impress in their own home.

Overall, I highly recommend people to come to Japan to witness Japanese
fashion in real life. I felt very under dressed when I first came to Japan. I go to a school where everyone is very stylish. Now, I put in more effort to dress up everyday for class. Come to Japan and get inspired by Japanese Fashion.


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