IndiBroncos Day 8: Let the Journey Continue

Kyndall McCoy
Major: Social Work: Policy, Planning, and Administration (MSW)

Today marks the day that we leave Bangalore, India and continue our journey on to Hubbali, India. Christ University was such a great host to us and we are nothing but grateful for their kindness and generosity throughout the week.

Waking up and being all packed up and ready to leave at 4 a.m. you could only imagine how many of us actually made it on time. We boarded the bus and took about a 35 minute ride to the train station to catch our high speed train for a 7 hour journey.

Image: Climbing the train station stairway to our next adventure

As we entered into the station, we walked past adults and children who were wrapped up in blankets and laying on newspaper as they slept. We all wondered if they were waiting on a train or were they there because they had no other place to sleep.

Image: Strangers on a train

When we approached the tracks to where we would catch the train, we divided up into groups and each group sat in different parts of the train. During the ride, many of us slept (i.e. me), read books, prepared for the week, interacted with others who were on the train. Others sat in between the cars of the train and enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful greenery and animals as we rode past them.

Image: Enjoying the scenery from the train

After a 7 hr train ride, 3 buses took us to where we would reside in for the next 3 nights, Denisson Hotel. The hotel is nothing short of amazing. After settling in our rooms, we had lunch in the hotel, and many of the students engaged in a buffet style lunch.

day 6-3
Image: Congratulations graduates!

The employees at the hotel are so nice and accommodating as they helped us celebrate 5 students who graduated today. Instead of them attending graduation, they all decided to take this journey of learning more about India.

I am excited to see what the second week has to offer.


Paige Moore
Major: Sales and Business Marketing
India: Sustainability in the Developing World, Fall 2018

Today was a very interesting and long day. Everyone was on the bus loaded up and headed to the train station by 4 am. We traveled through the country of India on a 7 hour train ride where we saw much wildlife, Indian rail workers, remote villages and many different assortments of farming and agriculture.
Image: Looking at the scenery from between the train cars.
We arrive in Hubballi and come to our beautiful hotel which includes a pool, spa and generous service. We are really excited about staying in this amazing hotel!
We spent the last part of our day at the Deshpande Education Trust and Skill Development Center where we learned about their organization and were able to interact with the students. We will be going back tomorrow to spend more time at Deshpande.
Image: A demonstration at Deshpande
I think we are all ready to get some good sleep tonight after our crazy adventure today!

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