IndiBroncos 2018 – Day 6: Of Service to the Children

Marcy Richardson
Major: Social Work
We are coming to the end of our first week in India, and what a week it has been! Two of the places we’ve visited really stand out: Parikrma Humanity Foundation, a school that serves children from the slums, and several orphanages. The school educates children from the age of 5 up through the end of high school and continues to mentor them through college. The children were so happy to interact with us and are very happy and grateful to be attending school. The purpose of the school is to provide a quality education to the poorest children to lift them out of poverty and have a chance for a more meaningful and productive life. The school also provides health care for the children and 3 nutritious meals per day, something they don’t get at home.
day 6-1
We also visited a home for 17 children, ages 7-18, who were rescued from sex trafficking. Only 3 of the girls have one or more parents, who were unable to care for and protect them. Despite the incredible trauma these children have suffered, for a short while they were able to dance, laugh, and just be children.
It is hard to describe how heartwarming it is to know there are people willing to reach out to serve those who otherwise would have no chance at the kind of life we in the US take for granted.
day 6-2

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