IndiBroncos 2018 – Day 4: We All Want a Purpose

Alexandra O’connell
Major: Food & Consumer Package Goods Marketing

Today, the IndiBroncos 2018, learned about Bosch foundation and Himalaya Health and Wellness company. Christ University partners with Bosch to create a program for high school dropouts and/or people who just graduated and are having difficulty finding a job. We got to meet 5 inspiring young adults today, 4 had a bachelors degree and are looking for their dream jobs, and one was a high school drop out trying to attain a good career, many of the students throughout this program are looking to learn English. One thing I took away from Bosch was that all of us are so alike in a sense that we all want a purpose in life and are motivated to reach goals.

alexander oconnel blog pic


Himalaya health and wellness touched on how they got started as a company and where they are today. They first began through a herb that calmed elephants down, which I thought was amazing considering elephants are such interesting creatures and my favorite, of course. Himalaya makes a variety of products such as skin care, body care, and animal care. One thing that really stuck out to me in this company was their program with inmates and getting them to grow herbs for them while still earning money for when they are released. This is such an amazing program because it not only teaches them how to grow and care for herbs, but allows them to have a purpose for their time spent there. They can focus on earning money and caring for their family, rather than going back to their malicious ways. Overall, the day was filled with knowledge and eye opening experiences that I will never forget, can’t wait to see what else we learn tomorrow!

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