México, Te Amo y Te Extraño

Evelia Bautista
Communication Studies Major
Non-WMU Program- Universidad Latina De America, Mexico, Spring 2018

I knew this would happen. I was aware that when I returned it would feel as if the time spent in Mexico was a dream. I knew I’d miss everything about it, but I didn’t know it would be for this long. It’s more than ending a study abroad trip, because Mexico is part of me. It’s my culture and a home I never got to live in. It feels as if I was an adoptive child that was reunited with its biological parents. In my case, the adoptive is United States, which will always be home, but Mexico is also home. This is what it’s like to be of two cultures.

Final Blog 1
Image: Evelia in front of a Morelia sign

Don’t let the news scare you, please. Mexico is more than violence and corruption. It’s a country with beautiful destinations and cultures, hard workers and people that thrive to succeed in a country that is not designed to facilitate that. They want to be seen more than just the negative stereotypes. It wants this country to understand them and want to have a relationship with us. Most Mexicans have relatives who reside here. After all, we are neighboring countries.

Studying abroad in Mexico was more than an addition to my resume. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a childhood dream and a learning experience to share forever. It was a phase that allowed me to evolve personally and professionally. We get so caught up in routines and society expectations that we can easily lose ourselves slowly. Being away helped me remember who I am and where I want to go. I am all about evolving, always.

Final blog 2
Image: Shopping in a market square

I am thankful for Western Michigan University for approving this self-created program despite their concerns with Mexico’s safety. My hope is that this positive experience will open more doors to future relationships between universities in both countries. I want other Mexican American students to also learn more about their Mexican side and enjoy the beauty of motherland.

I was offered opportunities to study in different countries, but no. I wanted to go home, to my parents’ home.

México, te amo y te extraño.

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