Spanish is Tough

Carly Baldwin
Majors: Early Childhood Professional & Spanish
Universidad de Cantrabria, Spain, Summer II

Most people that know me have noticed that I love to talk… especially in class.  The reason for this is because I am usually making a joke that has a pun in it and on rare occasions, I add some of my own personal insights.  Although I can do that in English speaking classes, it has not been the case in my Spanish classes.  Some people can pick Spanish up really quickly and roll with it, but that is not what I have experienced.  I have to constantly think carefully about my words and sentence structures, remember vocabulary, and pronounce words correctly.  All in all, Spanish is tough.

blog 1.1.png
Image: The outside moving sidewalks, escalators, and elevator on the way to school.

When asked what my biggest fear is for my study abroad in Spain, I usually just say, “My conversation skills are really low.”  Even though that is true, that is also why I am on this study abroad.  Western Michigan University has great language programs and wonderful opportunities for students to practice speaking (like at the language specific conversation tables *located in Brown Hall* that I never went to).  With all of the help available for students seeking knowledge in new languages, it can be hard to align that help with busy schedules.  Even students without busy schedules, it can be scary to go to a language table and talk with people in a language that shows everyone else that they are clearly struggling.

Blog 1.2.png
Image: The view from the top of all the moving sidewalks, escalators, and elevators.

I get it, though, it stinks to visibly and audibly struggle.  However, the only thing I fear more than looking like a fool trying to speak Spanish is getting a degree that I don’t think I earned.  I am so excited to conquer my fear through this study abroad.

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