The Best Food of Bonn

Hanna Fussman
Major: Tourism & Travel
Bonn University, Spring 2018

I haven’t written all that much about my host city since getting here. Partly because I wanted to wait until I had been here for a while so I really know how it feels. The first few weeks, or even the first month, of your study abroad can make it hard to decide how you actually feel because you’re still building your new life. Now that I’ve established something, I want to share my favorite food places in Bonn. While I’ve been craving a lot of American foods lately, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the food here.

Image: Vanilla Latte from Cream Company

I’m going to start with my favorite coffee place – Cream Company. It’s the closest I’ve been able to find to Biggby since I’ve been here, and it’s really good. Coffee most places you go will be good, but they’re not specialty like you would get back home. It’s usually a regular cappuccino or macchiato. No special flavors, no iced options. But Cream Company has some of the best specialty coffee I’ve tasted. They also serve gelato and waffles.

Image: Carbonara from Rocco

Rocco is an Italian restaurant across the street from Cream Company. I’ve eaten a lot of pasta in Europe, and this is by far one of my favorite places. I haven’t been to Italy yet, but my friend has and she swears that Rocco has better pasta than Italy does. You have to at least try it once. (They also have burgers, and while I haven’t tried them, they do look amazing if you’re ever craving something more American.)

La Loca is a Spanish restaurant not from the Poppelsdorf Schloss with a ton of cheap tapas. My friends and I go here and order two tapas each and split them and it’s so good! They have the best homemade cheese sauces I’ve ever eaten. They also give you free bread refills if you order the three sauce and bread tapa.

Image: Salmon Nigiri from Ichiban Sushi Bar

Ichiban Sushibar is one of my favorites for sushi here. It is a little on the pricey side, but I think the taste is worth the price. It’s right beside the main building of the school, so it’s a good place to go after class. I would also recommend trying sushi at most places over here – I think it’s usually a lot better than the sushi back at home.

Image: Cheese Ramen from Mandu

The last place I’m going to recommend is Mandu. Also very close to the main building of the school, Mandu has both ramen and sushi. I haven’t tried the sushi yet, but the ramen is so good here, and it’s really cheap. Mandu is a must.

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