What a difference a few hours make!

Jon Andrews
Earth Science Major
WMU Geology Club in Iceland

Hey y’all,

Wednesday was a very very good day. My classmates did a nice hike and climb, while I stayed at home base and collected a rock sample and viewed the country side through my binocs.

Image: This is known as a bread-crust volcanic bomb.

This is known as a bread-crust volcanic bomb. I hope that I don’t get this entirely wrong and become the laughing stock of Geology. The larger pore-spaces to the right side of the photo indicates to me that this particular ejecta may have exploded mid-flight, tearing the outer crust off and allowing the gassed trapped within to escape. Under a hand-lens we saw olivine and quartz crystals. This may be a museum quality specimen.

Then I was able to play a single hole of disc golf, while not optimal, it was fun to play. I even grew the sport a bit by giving my classmate Eevee a putter to throw around. Her drive was further than mine, and she was so entirely stoked to be introduced to disc golf.

Image: Playing disc golf with a classmate.

Then we went to a thermal spring. It would have been perfect, if not for the fact that local farmers spread manure around earlier that day. The water was warm and comfy and all 15 of us splashed around for around an hour. No pictures from there yet, sorry. Gorgeous view from the campground, right?

Image: The view from our campground.


Image: Overnight snow fall at our campsite


Two tents started to collapse under the weight of the snow around 4:30am. Everyone is safe and has a story to tell to their friends and family when we return.

Today is my day to present to the group’s research on Eyjafjallajökull the island volcano glacier. I am excited to show off to my classmates my rudimentary skill in Icelandic.

I’m pretty tired and want a home cooked meal, my shower, my bed, and my girlfriend.

I’ll blog you tomorrow.

Bye y’all!

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