As Fate Would Have It

Sam McGrath
Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing Major
German Business and Culture, Summer I 2018

I was a late addition to my study abroad program. Which meant if I was going to go, I had to get all of the paperwork and a passport in line fast. I distinctly remember, it was a Thursday when I was in the hall after my Food Marketing Conference meeting, which was abnormal because I was not usually in the business college at this time, it ran late that night and just finished. I was waiting for my Food Marketing Association to have its meeting when my professor walked by. He had asked what my plans were for the summer and mentioned the opportunity to study abroad in Germany.  He explained how a girl just backed out and they were looking for one more girl. He mentioned how he had me in mind to ask because he thought I would be a perfect person to bring along.

I am a person who loves to try new things and I have always wanted to study abroad. I remember turning to the girl behind me in line who was also waiting to get swiped in, and saying, “Can this really be happening?!” However, the more I thought about it as the meeting went on, the more I thought it could be possible. I could be going to Germany! After the meeting was over, I decided I would reach out to my parents and see what they thought to figure out if this could even be a possibility.

I called my parents and said, “So you know how sometimes things just click into place, and you can’t explain why?”

“Yes, slow down I can’t understand what you’re saying! What happened?!” they responded.

I proceeded to tell them the exciting story.

They naturally had the usual questions of travel dates, expenses, and the itinerary.  Their biggest concern was my safety on the trip. My dad wanted me to take a self-defense class before I went. After discussing all the details, they said “yes”!

After the call, I promptly freaked out! I couldn’t believe that in a couple of weeks I would be on a journey that I’ve always dreamed of: a study abroad opportunity overseas!!


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