A Tap On The Shoulder From A Stranger

Ellie Heinz
Major: Marketing
Summer II Global Ambassadors Scholarship Program, 2017 

On my plane trip to the Dominican Republic, I was just about to put my headphones in when a young lady sitting in my row tapped my shoulder. She asked “where are you from?”. I was caught off guard so hard that I had trouble explaining to her that I was from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. But if she would have never tapped my shoulder, I would not have found out that she was a Dominican Citizen. She spent eighteen months in the United States for a missionary trip. She told me all the things she’ll miss about the USA and many of those things us USA Citizens take for granted. She appreciated foods such as Chipotle and loves root beer floats! She even appreciated the stores that we take for granted all the time such as Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. But the part that made this meeting memorable was her compassionate personality. She let me take Larimar stones only found in Barahona. But I gave her a bracelet in return. However this meeting has taught me to appreciate the little things but more importantly be open to meeting new people as well as going out of your way to meet someone very different from yourself.

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