What To Eat In London

Tori Ford
Fashion Merchandising and Design: Design and Development
Regent’s University, United Kingdom, Spring Semester 2017

Okay peeps, the transformation is so real! I transitioned into the English lifestyle quite well. There was a mild culture shock in the beginning of the semester but it did not have as serious effect on me as it did others. I feel like God helped me with that because I was meant to be in London so God’s peace was in me. Also, I had people looking out for me from WOFFICUK, which eased the transition too. There were some things I did not like that would bother me like having to constantly deal with cigarette smoke. Eventually, I got over it and just held my breath at times.

On to the more fun stuff. FOOD! I have had some yummy-in-my-tummy foods. One thing that helps? Fresher food! Europe has a LOT less chemicals and preservatives in their food. This allows for a more pleasant eating experience. However, some of their sweets could use a little more umph.

A must go place would be Camden Town market. This place has some of the most delicious food in London. My favorite meal that I have had in London, hands down, was from a place called Arepa. This eatery is a Venezuelan street kitchen that serves some of the most tender, juiciest meat I have ever had. I ordered the Arepazo Bros which has seasoned beef, chicken, melted cheese, black beans, avocado and pico de gallo – all steaming in a potato pocket and a side of sweet plantain fries. This melody of flavors was topped with two sauces that put it all together. I couldn’t even finish the meal! This was great because I had a tasty snack for later. If you go to London, run to Arepa! It’s worth it!


Another great place has a wonderful scenic route. London has a place called Little Venice, and amid Little Venice is this beautiful piece of architecture called Feng Shang, a floating Chinese pagoda restaurant. You read it right! Heather, Olivia and I stumbled across this place; they normally take reservations but we were able to do a walk-up. The prices are moderate but the food is delicious. I ordered the Singapore Fried Noodle dish that had stir fried rice vermicelli with chicken, prawn and curry paste. The dish needed no sauce or add-ons. It was fresh and seasoned wonderfully. The past gives a dryer texture but, in no way, harms the deliciousness of the dish. This place adds their gratuity automatically so keep that in mind as well. The music, the atmosphere, I definitely want to go there again.

I must say that God never ceases to amaze me. To have created so many good foods. He knows His stuff, that’s for sure!

Peace and blessings,

– Tori


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