Getting Comfortable In Spain

Courtney Bergstrom
Majors: Speech Pathology and Audiology
Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, Summer II, 2017

For breakfast, the Spaniards eat a smaller meal than what is common in the United States. A typical breakfast that the locals eat consists of coffee, fruit, and toasted bread with marmalade. Lunch is the most important meal of the day. During lunchtime, which falls between 2-4 pm, most of the stores in the city close so that everyone can go home and eat lunch with their families. This time is also used to take naps! Some foods that the locals eat for lunch are croquetas, paella, pasta, or a dish with meat. Dinner is eaten later in the night between 9-11 pm. For dinner, it is a lighter meal and some meals might include a quesadilla, an omelet, or just some fruit and yogurt.

In my opinion some things cost a lot less in my host country, than in the United States. One thing that cost less for example is going out shopping! Most every store has sales going on throughout the summer so it is really easy to find cute and affordable clothes. I went on a full shopping spree the other day and I got a lot of t-shirts and dresses for 6 euros!

I do spend a good amount of time with my host family. I live with a host mom, dad, brother, and a family friend lives here too; there is always someone to talk with! I enjoy having many people in the household, it is easy to spend time with different people. The family friend who lives here is a very outgoing person and she is very easy to talk to.

I have been able to communicate really well with my host family! At times, they have no idea what I am trying to say, but it’s okay. I take my time and think about what I want to say, and sometimes they are able to help me translate what I am trying to say in Spanish from English. I live in a very positive and fun atmosphere here in Spain! My entire host family gets very excited when they see my new clothes that I have bought or when I tell them that I have done well on a quiz for school. They are very supportive and it is amazing to have all of this support when I am so far away from home.


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