Things I’ll Miss the Most about Brazil

Katie LaBelle
Major: Geography
Amazonia: Culture and Environment, Brazil
Summer I, 2017

(One of the many sights along the river as my jungle guide took me around in a canoe, looking for wild life as we went.)

Brazil has been an adventure! As I prepare to leave this wonderful place I can’t help but to look back on my trip and reflect on the things I’ve done, the things I wish I had done, and the things I believe I’ll miss the most.

First, I took a look at my backing skills and wondered how I decided how to pack for my three-week trip to the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest. It’s quite simple really, in the Amazon quick drying clothing are an essential.

(The sun setting at about 5 pm over the theater. If you look closely you can see a rainbow!)

If you have just one piece of cotton, you’re out of luck; once you wear it you’ll truly know how much you sweat, how much you’re moving, and how hot the jungle really is. I’m glad I didn’t pack any cotton clothing, I’m also glad I didn’t pack any jeans, but I am sad I didn’t pack more sun dresses and skirts for the city. The next and possibly most important thing I looked back on was why I decided to study abroad, I mean I could have just taken this class at Western and learned the exact same thing, right? Wrong! If you’re learning about a place, if you’re learning about its culture and everything else about it, you’re not really learning about it unless you’re going there. By submersing yourself in the culture you’re creating the best possible situation to learn about it.


In the end, Brazil has been a wonderful experience and I honestly cannot wait to go back. The plans for my next trip have already started and I can honestly say two years cannot go by fast enough!


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