How To Have The Best Time in Germany Without Free Water

McKayla Marcola
Major: Business
German Business and Culture, Germany
Summer I short-term, faculty-led course

Now that I am back in the United States I have had some time to reflect on my experience abroad. Starting with what I packed for my month long abroad experience. For the Germany study aboard trip we were only allowed to have a carry on suite case with us while we traveled through Germany, because of the extent of the constant traveling on trains, having a big suite case would just slow us down. Although this is convenient for travel purposes it made it difficult to pack for a month long trip.

Going to Germany I filled my suite case to the brim with clothes of all types, for any weather that Germany might have. While we were in Berlin it was cold and rainy so the hoodie I packed was helpful, but after that, everywhere we went it was 70 or 80 degrees. I ended up buying shorts and rompers since I had only pack warm clothes.  I only actually wore the clothes I packed during the first week in Berlin then after that I only wore the summer clothes I had bought. At the end of my journey I now had cold and warm weather clothes to pack and that called for some creative packing solutions since I didn’t want to leave any of my clothes in Europe, since I still would wearing all of it in Michigan. I ended up having to buy another bag to pack everything I bought in Europe.


The content of the study abroad trip was the Business Negotiation class and the Marketing Case Competition.  I believe taking these classes abroad were significantly better than taking them at WMU. My reasons for this is first of all we took both classes with the German students at the universities and being able to be exposed to a different culture while learning about marketing and negotiation was extremely beneficial. Learning not only the content but also about different cultures first hand is something you only get when you study abroad. I was able to talk and hang out with the German students and hear their ideas and thoughts, you can’t find that to the extent that I did while being in Kalamazoo. Being in Germany was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I would recommend anyone to do. What I am going to miss most about Germany is getting to see all parts of Germany. I love traveling and getting to experience life and what I am going to miss most is the constant adventure I was on while I was in Germany.



Although I loved my time in Germany I did miss a few things from back home in Michigan, one of the things I missed was free water. In Europe they make you pay for water at the price of a pop or soda, and also there are no water fountains so you have to buy their bottles of water.  Plus in America they don’t make you pay for the bathroom like they do in Germany. Some restaurants won’t make you pay for they bathroom, but most do and it costs about 50 cents to go. I was also very excited to see my family, I loved going on this adventure but I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my family all about it.



Until my next adventure, WMU. 



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