First Impressions

Rebecca Shaefer
Graphic Design Major
Book Arts in Europe, Summer I 2017

When the plane arrived mostly on time in Florence, we, being myself and two close friends, were greeted by the smell of fresh rain and a scene of mountains outside the plane window. Our luggage arrived promptly and all of our things were there, so far the trip was going very smoothly. Our leader, Jeff, was waiting to pick us up and off we went to the hostel which the group would be staying in for 6 days. Upon arrival, we saw our room for three and explored the city. Florence has beautiful architecture and a warm palette of yellows, orange and reds. My first impression was positive. The city has so much history and culture that I could not wait to explore.

Day one I took out money from an atm which was an easy process, and then the group and I did a walk around the city. There is a gelato place on every corner, and this ended up being a staple for deserts. The next week will contain going to classes and studying book arts, visiting the Uffizi gallery, seeing the original David statue, and exploring what the city has to offer in our freetime. Mostly everyone speaks English, so getting around is not problematic. We taxied here from the airport, and will also be traveling by train, bus, boat and more as the trip continues.

So far, I am excited to learn and am enjoying European culture. Unforunately day two has included feeling sick and staying in bed most of the day, but hopefully the rest of the trip will be okay. I will be posting photos of the things I see and do in Florence, and then will write another blog after arriving in Venice. For now, 


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