A First Glance at Book Arts in Europe

Olivia Bevacqua
Graphic Design Major
Book Arts in Europe, Summer I 2017
Hello reader,
I’m no longer in the United States! The eleven of us arrived three days ago in Florence, Italy. It’s a strange thing to be standing on a different continent. Still, the strange tends to become a familiar feeling on these types of adventures, kind of ironic now that I think about it.
Logistically, I haven’t had many troubles at all.  Florence has treated me nicely.  As far as money goes, getting cash was easy.  There’s an ATM right across the street from the hostel we’re all staying at, and I was able to withdraw a decent amount of Euros for a small fee.
The hostel itself has been a great hub for everyone to meet up and socialize after a long day at the studio. There’s a little terrace out by the common area with tables and chairs where you can play cards and share stories from the day. Honestly, It has been fantastic so far.
One thing that surprised me about Italy is the fact that you don’t have to tip at restaurants. The way that their pay system is set up makes it so that tips are not necessary. It actually impacts more than you would think because the motive that tips create is not there, so servers aren’t hovering over your table waiting for you to ask for something. It makes for a more relaxed dining experience, which has its pluses and minuses, depending on who you ask.  In my opinion, it’s a better experience, both for the server and the customer.
When it comes to communication with back home, things have been easy breezy. According to our instructor Jeff, we will basically have WiFi at every “home” we stay at. This makes communication with family and friends (over Facebook messenger) very simple.
I’ve had a good time so far, lots of good food and new friends as I get to know the locals and my fellow travelers. Hopefully the rest of the trip will follow suit! Looks like I’ve been around too much card playing.
Until next time!

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