Check List for Book Arts in Europe

Lilee VandeZande
Graphic Design Major
Book Arts in Europe, Summer I 2017

I have the opportunity to participate in the Book Arts in Europe program that travels to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium for a month. While we are there we will be designing posters, books and prints using old fashioned methods of printing letters and images. The most exciting thing for me so far has been packing! It took me a few days because I would pack, text someone else who is going on the trip what they were bringing, and then repack, over and over again. Luckily both of my parents have traveled to European countries in their lifetimes so they were able to help me pack accordingly and give me great travel advice.

Some of the best advice they gave me was to make sure I always had a power adaptor with me, because European countries have different outlets than we do here in the U.S.A. They also told me to keep my passport and money very close to me and out of easy pickpocket reach because U.S. citizen passports will sell for a lot on the black-market so many people will be looking to take one from a careless traveler. One last piece of advice was to never go to a suspicious place alone, always use the buddy system and to listen to your intuition if a situation seems off in some way.

So, after listening to my parent’s advice and talking to my fellow classmates I had finally gotten everything, or least what I thought was everything, packed and weighed my suitcase, only 24 lbs! Then I realized I forgot every single toiletry; shampoo, contact solution, toothpaste, ect. I was too excited packing my clothes and art supplies that I forgot that I needed stuff to take care of myself. This is when I decided to make a check list for everything I needed to bring.

Here’s my check list of what not to forget when packing for this trip:

  • Clothes
    • Long pants, a dress (for going to churches or religious/cultural events), shorts for warm weather, shirts for occasion, and pajamas for sleeping
  • Toiletries
    • Body soap, conditioner and shampoo, contact solution and case, makeup, tooth brush and paste, sunscreen, lotion and facewash
  • Electronics
    • Camera for taking awesome pictures
    • Laptop to blog and email photos to my family and friends
    • Solar-powered charger in case we go anywhere and I get lost with a dead phone
    • All chargers for electronics
  • Miscellaneous
    • Art supplies for book making and my handmade journal
    • Sketch book
    • Colored pens for drawing
    • Ticonderoga pencils (because they are the BEST pencils ever made)
  • Documents
    • Passport and another form of valid ID
    • Geo Blue card and emergency WMU contacts
    • Itinerary and group leader information

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