What I’m most Excited About for my German Study Abroad

Jessica Coop
Majors: Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing
German Business and Culture, Germany
Summer I short-term, faculty-led course

I am super excited to see how my trip goes, and I can’t wait to see if my expectations meet what is presented to me while I am there. Here is my list of the Top 6 things I’m most excited about:

  1. Traveling: I am traveling to Germany for my study abroad trip and will be traveling to many places. I am extremely excited to see what the culture is like in each place I will be traveling to: Berlin, Hamburg, Rhine on the River, Koln, Paderborn, Wolfsburg, and Bacharach. I am also intrigued to learn about the history of each place.
  2. Meeting people from other culture: I’m excited to meet the different types of people in each town. I plan on talking to as many people as possible, including German, and other nationalities.Interacting with those from different cultures excites me because I wonder how they view my culture and what experiences they have had while living in their country.
  3. Food & drink: I’m excited to try all the different types of German foods and drinks like Bratwurst, Currywurst, Schwartzwalder Kirschotorte, Schnitzel,  and the different types of beer they’re known for.
  4. Language:  I also can’t wait to hear a different language and figure out what they are saying while trying to pick up the language. I think this will help me understand the German culture more, as well as the people. 
  5. Meeting my WMU peers and faculty: I am excited to travel with different students, and get to know them throughout the duration of our trip. Additionally, I want to see how they react to the new culture we’re being exposed to, and if they’re exposed to culture shock or not. I am also excited to create a more in depth relationship with the faculty I will be traveling with over the course of the trip.
  6. Getting Around: I am excited to be emerged into a different transportation method. From taking Uber’s in American, to figuring out the bus/tram system to get around the city, or by bicycle.

Auf Wiedersehen für jetzt – Goodbye for now 😊

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