You Mean They Don’t Speak Spanish in China…?

Carly Baldwin
Majors: Early Childhood Professional & Spanish
Education and Health Across China
Summer I, 2017

The one thing that has shocked me was that I forgot how tough it is to not know the native language.  The past two times I’ve been out of the country have been to Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, so I was able to communicate easily with Spanish.  Here, in China, I find myself wanting to say certain things to people, but then realizing I don’t know how to say it!  My brain keeps thinking Spanish is the solution because it’s not English… but it’s not Mandarin either.  Luckily, Dr. Liu and two other students are able to communicate for the rest of the group, including myself.

The Great Wall of China

I forgot how difficult it is to rely on someone else to speak for me.  However, today we went to the Great Wall of China and I met a couple from Spain and was able to talk in Spanish with them.  It may seem like a little thing, but it was so good to be able to communicate with people outside of our Study Abroad group.

Mis nuevos amigos españoles…en China



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