Into the Cold!

Jack Fuller
Majors: Accountancy and Spanish
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Spring 2017

For spring break, I decided to do the opposite of what most people do:  I went to the end of the world.  By the end of the world, I mean Ushuaia.  Ushuaia is the capital of the southernmost province of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego.  It’s one of the closest points to Antarctica in the entire world, and all around different experience for me in terms of places I have been.  It is quite cold, but not nearly as cold as Michigan is during its winters.  In this regard, it felt almost pleasant at times.

pic 1
The friends that I met on my boat tour

While in Ushuaia, I had two scheduled tours that I went on.   I took a boat ride around the Beagle Channel, which is the body of water that Ushuaia is located on.  The boat ride was incredible, as we got to see sea lions and these birds that were not penguins, but were pretty close.  They said one of the few differences is that these birds could fly.  Also, while on the tour we had a hike on one of the small islands nearby.  This was really interesting, as it allowed us to feel how strong the wind is and smell the air out on the ocean.  While on the tour, I met an older couple from Brazil, who later invited me to a chocolate tasting with them, and also met three people from China.  It was so cool to meet people from so many different places in the world.


pic 2
End of the Pan American Highway

The other tour that I took was a tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park.  The national park is located very close to Ushuaia, so close in fact that there is an interesting train nearby that you can take to get there.  The train is quite slow, but has a tour guide that explains all the history behind Ushuaia and the train itself.  It turns out the train used to be a train to transport prisoners to a prison nearby, which was placed there due to its remoteness.  In the park itself, we had a tour guide that lead us through the park, making stops at various places such as Lago Roca, and the end of the Pan American Highway.  They park was beautiful, and my first real experience with mountains.

Ushuaia was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever had, and I am so glad that I made the decision to go against the grain to visit it.  From the abundance of water to the towering mountains,  I was able to see so many things for the first time and experience so much that I had not before.

pic 3
Some sea lions and those weird penguin birds

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