Why Guatemala?

Brook Witchell
Community Health Education Major, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Minor
Community Health and Permaculture in Guatemala

About me:

My name is Brooke Witchell, I am 24 years old and a senior here at Western Michigan University. I’m majoring in Community Health Education and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I have the cutest potato for a dog, she’s a pit-bull mix and her name is Lilly. I adore traveling and experiencing new cultures as well as helping others to make their lives a little bit easier.

Pre-Trip Post:

What made me decide to study abroad this time around? Honestly, my extreme thirst for traveling & seeing the world. That was the initial trigger for studying abroad over spring break. Also, this particular trip-Community Health and Permaculture in Guatemala-fits way too perfectly with both my major and my minor to not participate in this trip.

Am I scared? No, not really. Traveling is one of my most favorite things; it’s hard to be afraid of something you love so much. I am, however, extremely excited. I’m excited to see a totally different and new place, the culture, the foods, everything. My mind has been racing for days with anticipation over what it will be like in Guatemala.

What am I going to miss most from home while I’m there? The #1 thing I will miss is my dog. She is my whole world. She’s the reason I wake up each day and why I try to do my best in school, so maybe someday; buying food for her won’t be so stressful. Secondly, I’ll miss my super rad boyfriend. He brings a lot of joy to my life and I feel pretty darn lucky to have him around. I don’t see my family too often, so this won’t be too bad, being away from them. I am happy they like my pup though, because they’re in charge of her for the week! I’m also going to miss the ease of speaking English. English is not commonly known in the towns that we are going to and I don’t speak Spanish, so simple communication will be missed. It’ll keep things interesting though!

For now though, I’m going to relax and stay excited for the trip!


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