When you find your calling in Mendoza

Sydney Foster
Spanish and Sales and Business Marketing Majors
Buenos Aires, Argentina

            I am 100% convinced that I am moving to Mendoza to become a Sommelier (the person who gives wine tours). When we first arrived in Mendoza we were exhausted, and ready for a nap, but instead we went to our first wine tour. The place was called Martins Bikes (highly recommend if you go to Mendoza), they picked us up from the airport and we rode bikes from winery to winery, which was about 12.5 miles give or take. Between all of the wineries we learned about the different profiles of wine. This can vary from person to person, what you get from the scent and taste of the wine is an experience that is uniquely yours. Sometimes you smell or taste a wine and it brings you back to a specific memory of a food or something you smelled while your mom/grandma/father whoever was cooking. We also learned what classifies a wine as oaked/un-oaked. When a wine is oaked, after the fermentation process they put it in barrels to let it sit, and the inside of the barrel is toasted (depending on the wine it can be a medium or light toast usually). Oaked wines usually accompany flavors like vanilla, and coconut. Finally, we learned the three steps to properly tasting wine, looking at the color of the wine, smelling the wine BEFORE and AFTER you whirl it a little bit, and finally, taste. The cool thing about this process is that when you spin the wine around your glass, you get a completely different profile from the wine than you did when it was still. The tasting step was my favorite though! We then got to go to lunch and ate filet with the most amazing chimichurri sauce. At the fourth “winery” after we were nice and full from our lunch, we went to the house of a woman who makes all of her own liquors, and salsas. The most valuable lesson I learned at this part was: Argentines cannot handle spice. There was a tomato garlic salsa that was labeled picante, and to any argentine it might be, but when we tried it, it tasted more like a pasta sauce with a hint of spice, but not anything that made your nose run. We also got to try a taste of absinthe, which I do not recommend! The second day we went on another wine tour, and this was wasn’t as much as a workout for anyone who is out of shape as I am (I blame it on the Dulce de Leche and Medialunas), and a couple of my pictures are from the third winery at this place. The winery specifically produced different kinds of Malbec, and we got to sit outside and try four different kinds with a view of the Andes in the background. Overall, I feel like a piece of me belong in Mendoza, it’s small enough to feel homey, and a wonderful break from the big city! Absolutely recommend to anyone who needs a get away, I would do the weekend exactly the same way if I had to do it again!



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  1. I love how you can ride bicycles between all the wineries – awesome!


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