Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Blog by:

Meghan DeBacker
Occupational Therapy Major

Emily Scannell
Interdisciplinary Health Services: Occupational Therapy Major
Management Minor

Julie Ballast
Occupational Therapy Graduate Major
Spanish Major (BA)

Jade Stewart
Occupational Therapy Grad Student


Dunluce Castle
Today’s journey started off at the beautiful Dunluce Castle. This castle has a rich history and glorious appearance. A portion of the castle has fallen down, or has been washed away. Although a great deal of the castle still stands. We had the opportunity to walk through the castle, while also seeing recreated images of what the castle once looked like. This castle was breath-taking and the perfect stop for photos!

Giant’s Causeway
Next, we went to the Giant’s Causeway where we completed a self- guided tour with a handheld audio guide. There were multiple points of interest to learn about; however, the most unique feature were the hexagon shaped rocks that we saw along the way. We also saw some of the most spectacular views from the top of the cliffs! We could not have asked for a more gorgeous spring day!

Dark Hedges
Game of Thrones fans and tree lovers alike enjoyed the walk and climb through the Dark Hedges, a tree lined street famous for its appearance in the TV show Game of Thrones. We snapped photos, climbed trees and even ran away from dragons. Just another beautiful gem in this fine land!

When we arrived at this narrow bridge over the sea, tensions were high! We all wondered if we would make it across the bouncing boards! Some were shaking with nerves while others were intentionally shaking the bridge in search of an additional thrill! Nevertheless, we all successfully crossed the Carrick-a-Rede bridge and then were free to explore the rugged cliffs! Seagulls, waves and winds crafted a beautiful day. A crazy highlight was when Vanessa unexpectedly ran into her friend from Puerto Rico on the other side of the bridge – small world!

…and you thought that an episode of Chopped was intense! Picture this: a kitchen in rural Ireland, four stovetops, and 18 students vigorously chopping and sautéing amazing dishes. We worked in teams that consisted of an appetizer group, a main dish group, a vegetarian group, and a dessert group! After 60 minutes of intense competition, we all sat down at a long table together and enjoyed an amazing home-cooked meal of bruschetta, barbecue chicken and potatoes, stir fry, and brownies. After the group vote, the stir fry took home the top prize! This meal took an army of people to create and clean-up, but it was definitely one of the highlights of our day!

Talent Show
To end the night we had some great laughs at the annual Ireland Trip Talent Show! We started off with a hilarious episode of the Jerry Springer show conducted by our four amazing supervisors, Dr. Mickus (our WMU leader), Patrick (our honorary Irish co-leader), Holly (our WMU veteran co-leader), and Tracy (the newest WMU addition to the co-leader crew). The students, on the other hand, had talents varying from demonstrating other languages (American Sign Language, Polish, and Spanish), reading poems, performing magic tricks, playing the nose flute, telling jokes, picking things up with their toes, and practicing relaxation techniques. All in all we had some great laughs and bonded with one another over this experience.


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