Lauren Kondalski
Majors: Marketing & Criminal Justice
Paderno del Grappa, Italy

The CIMBA program hosts more than 35 universities across the United States. With this comes a wide variety of people from different cities, backgrounds, etc.

One of the prominent shock periods about the students when arriving at CIMBA was hearing all of the different accents. Although I think the biggest shock to me was the discovery of my accent.

I never thought of myself having an accent until I arrived at CIMBA. It was very easy to spot the accents of those from the southern states (such as my dear friend Gina with her Texan accent) but I didn’t expect people to continually ask me where my accent is from.

If I had 1€ for every person that asked me where my accent is from I’d probably be able to buy a round trip train ticket to a nearby city.

Another shocking aspect is that people from the same region as me continually say how even to them I have an accent and they don’t get it. My fellow Michigan students and nearby Chicago students can pick up and make fun of me for the way I tend to pronounce things, particularly my A’s.

I guess I’ve started to pay close attention to the way I pronounce things because of this and perhaps it makes me unique? Either way, I guess you learn something new everyday (or continually as I’m reminded on a daily basis)

It just goes to show how different the United States is in so many ways!



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