Bonn Bound

Kelsey Ennis
Major: History and German
Bonn University, Spring 2017

In a few short days I’ll be in Germany. It will be my first time abroad, unless you count Canada for a day. But I couldn’t bike along the Rhine in Canada. Doing a study abroad in Bonn, Germany seemed as first like it would be the end of life as I know it. It would involve sending me out somewhere where I don’t know anyone, having me live by myself, and be on a completely different time schedule from anyone I would want to talk to. Perfect… Not to mention it’s going to be 5 months until I get to see anyone from home again. It really will be completely different.17102119_10207494340710953_830095374_n

I’ve been at Western away from family and high school friends for 4 years though and I haven’t died yet, so what have I to fear? Taking a step back, it isn’t like the scary picture I had made up for myself at all. As far as not knowing anyone: I’m going with a fantastic group of four Western students including a good friend, Sarah, and our instructor for a week. Living by myself: I have an apartment by myself, yes, but I’m going to be in a building with many other exchange students going through the same thing. Different time schedule: 3:00pm isn’t too hard a time for familiar Michiganders to make a Skype call; and emails and Facebook messages don’t have a time limit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am terrified to go, but I am more excited to go than I am scared. My family has been very supportive too. In fact, my mom was ready for me to go in August, before I was even accepted into the program. Fast forward to a few days before I am to board my plane and she didn’t realize that it was so close, she thought we had another week of late night cookie dough eating and movie watching. Despite that though she is ready to drive me down to Detroit along with my Fiancé, Ethan, and stepdad to send me off. I’ll be taking classes in German about the language and doing an internship with the museum, Haus Der Geschichte while I’m in Bonn, and I’ll be the first to do that particular internship. For me, the History department at Western, my family and friends this will be brand new, an untouched and untapped adventure. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on the cheese I eat and the cobblestones that kill my feet.



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