Winter Break Adventures in Ghana

Karianne Lane
Senior/ Management and Marketing
Fall Semester 2016 December 4 -18
Ghana Business and Culture

pic-2While abroad in Ghana we never really had classroom setting for class. This study aboard was more going out to three different business and learn what they do. The first one we went to was Neilsen. You could say that this was more of a business meeting/class room setting. They ended up giving us an over of the company and then told us what they did and showed us in a PowerPoint. This was very interesting to me and the rest of the group. My favorite business trip was with UDF Microfinance Ltd. This was my favorite as the guy actually took us at the people who they help and we got to see their small business and see how they actually do. This was interesting to me as my grandpa started a job 52 years ago. I would say in a third world country it is a lot different and I am so glad that I got to experience their way and now I am able to compare it to the way we do in the United States. The last one we went to was Nestle. At Nestle we had a PowerPoint presentation and then they took us on a tour throughout the plant. This was very cool to see as you got to see every step that it takes for them. I thought it was very unique that they even make their own cans to put their products in.

One of the culture shocks that I had but it wasn’t a ton because I have experience it in Jamaica was markets. The craft market was not really a culture shock to me at all as that was just like the one I had been to in Jamaica. However, the main market was a culture shock. We went to several ones in different cities. At the markets they sold everything and this is how most people by items they need for their house. Yes, they do have store that you are able to shop at but the majority of people shop at the markets. During the market you see trash all over the ground and lots of different smells. It amazed me how people actually do business over there. Also, how they actually find what they need as everything is in piles there. It is so different than we do in the United States. I know we would never find anything like it. This is something I think a lot of us need to see as you may hear about it but it is not the same as seeing it in person. It makes me think how glad I am to have what I have but it was a cool experience and be able to say you bought things from there. I would recommend it to anyone.

As this study abroad was only a two-week study abroad we did a lot of things. We ended up going to the rain forest which was very cool and a lot of fun. We then also got to go to a castle which brought us into their history. At the castle we were taken in the dungeon. This was just hard be there and see what the slaves had to go through. I am a visual learner so this experience was exactly what I needed. I know that I will never forget seeing all this and reading and hearing what the tour guide had to say. It really brought you to feel what the slaves went through and were they went in the world and how true everything was that you learn in history class.

The neatest culture experience that we got to experience was the naming ceremony. This was such a unique thing to do and it felt like we were part of the village. During the naming ceremony we watched them dance and then we all got names. After it was finished we took pictures with the kids and soon after that we had to leave. We all did not want to leave as we were all enjoying visiting with the kids there.

We also got to go to a monkey sanctuary were you got to feed the monkeys and they would even climb on you. This was such a cool experience to have all the monkeys coming up to you. pic-1At first I was nervous of having them on me as I did not know what it would feel like and if they would scratch you. However, they were very light and it just felt like wet rubber feet on you. I had a few climb on my leg to eat the banana that I had. The monkeys do not bite you if you are just calm and feeding them. However, I would assume that if you are being mean then they would. In my case though I was bite by one when I was feeding it but it did not mean to. The monkey was eating the banana out of my hand and accidentally nicked my finger. The monkey got scared and ran away. Yes, I did have to take medicine just to be on the safe side but it was all good. Who can say they were bit by a monkey in Ghana. Well I can now. It makes for a great story to tell people and now I laugh about it and thinks it cool.

Overall this study abroad was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone.  I do not just recommend this study abroad I recommend them all as it is a lot of fun to have this kind of experience.


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