Good Eats in Stockholm

Keagan Gay
Major: Public Relations
Minors: Sociology, Global & International Studies, and Journalism
Program: Stockholm University, Sweden

Swedish veal with peas, bacon and mashed potatoes, from Cafe Tranan

I love trying new things. I am all up for new experiences, activities, meeting new people and most of all, trying new food! Since I have been in Stockholm I have had the chance to go out to lunch or dinner a handful of times, and the food has been amazing every time. Sweden is known for being the creator of the cinnamon roll and you can basically get them anywhere you go. They sell them fresh in their grocery stores, sidewalk stands and they’re cafes; they’re everywhere! They are equally delicious anywhere you go and such a nice treat to have with some tea or coffee.

The best meal I’ve had so far was at this restaurant I went to with some friends called Cafe Tranan. It was a half hour away from our dorm which was nice because we could tell it was a more local spot than a touristy spot. Like many restaurants, they started you off with a bread basket. The bread was freshly baked and so good. For dinner, I ordered the Swedish veal that came with peas, bacon and mashed potatoes. I have never had veal before but I thought, why not? I am so glad I ordered it because it so far has been the best meal I’ve had in Stockholm!

Bakery goods from Espresso House

With that being said, the prices are definitely steeper in Stockholm than back in the States. An average price for any meal is around 15-20 USD, which is about 170 Swedish krona. Seeing the prices in krona is scary since its such a big number! Now that I have been in Stockholm for about 4 weeks, I have figured out the less expensive places to get a meal and to go grocery shopping. The best thing about the grocery stores in Stockholm is that most everything is fresh and organic. All the bread is freshly baked, and the fruit and veggies are so fresh.

Even though the prices in Stockholm are higher than back in the States, the food is so good, I’m not complaining! I am excited to find more local spots for grabbing a bite to eat, picking up fresh food and finding more cinnamon rolls!




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