Lauren Kondalski
Majors: Marketing & Criminal Justice
Paderno del Grappa, Italy

This past weekend we finally had the opportunity to travel outside of Paderno. Thankfully.

I was incredibly naïve on the amount of effort it actually takes to successfully plan a trip, even just an overnight one. You must book your place to stay. AirBnB? Hostel? How close are you to the main attractions? Then you shift to how you are getting to your destination. Train? Plane? Bus? All three? How many stops do you have to account for alongthumbnail_image-4 the way? Overwhelming is certainly an understatement.

With the help of my friends we managed to get the planning down. Venice was our chosen destination and our first experience with traveling. A group of 4 girls and 1 guy.

Wanna know how tough and adaptable you are in stressful situations? I recommend getting off a train in a foreign country where you do not speak the language, your AirBnB host speaks broken English, your unfamiliar with the public transportation but you must find your way to your place regardless.

Another vital suggestion: make parli inglese the first phrase you learn. Trust me, it helps.thumbnail_image-1

Long story short, we got lost. Like jumped onto the wrong bus going the opposite direction to a different city lost.

In the midst of the chaos and anxiety of this adventure I discovered something — there is a certain beauty to be found when you least expect it

We stumbled upon the Venezia island at night, a breathtakingly scenery unlike I have ever seen before. In an instance I had finally experienced the “holy fuck I am in Europe” moment I had heard so much about and had much anticipated.

All in all, I conquered Venice. Which city shall I take on next?



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