A Traveling Novice Takes his First Big Trip

Jack Fuller
Majors: Accountancy and Spanish
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Spring 2017

Traveling was something my family never really did, with vacations spent instead at home relaxing with each other.  However, this did not mean that I did not want to travel, but however just did not ever have the opportunity until.  So, without ever being on a plane before or traveling out of the country at all (except for the ferry ride in Canadian waters when I was four, because that counts), I decided to do it all within 24 hours.

Take off was way easier than I thought it would be.  Heights are not exactly my best friend, so I was worried that I would be terrified the entire time on the flight.  However, instead it just felt like an amusement ride followed by an almost train like experience.  With that said, the first flight of three, which took place from Windsor to Toronto was a breeze.  A little turbulent but nothing to serious.

Flight number two was much worse.  From Toronto to Santiago, the flight lasted for 10 hours, a long time to sit still for anyone, let alone someone with a mind that does not stop.  Again, the actual motions of flying was fine, with takeoff being even easier with a larger plane (which sounds opposite in my head), it was all the extra things that were bad about it.  I was seated near a baby that could outcry anyone in the world, which made sleeping quite difficult.  I had already been without sleep for about 16 hours too, but was unable to sleep for the entire flight.

The final flight was by far the best of the flights.  Not only did we have an unbelievable view as we flew over the Andes Mountains, but also we had a professional soccer team fly with us.  That was a new experience for me, and I was surprised with how much he was willing to talk to us.  He gave us recommendations about what to do in the area and talked to us about our Spanish studies.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but I am so glad not to be flying anymore, and also to be able to walk around freely.  Now I just have the fun parts to look forward to!


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