Making my way around Stockholm

Keagan Gay
Major: Public Relations
Minors: Sociology, Global & International Studies, and Journalism
Program: Stockholm University, Sweden

Directions are not my thing. Many people are born with this great sense of direction…not me. When I arrived in Sweden I was very worried that trying to navigate my way around would be impossible. To my surprise, it is way easier than I ever thought it would be! I have been in Stockholm for about a week now and I am really starting to get a hang of all of the transportation.


The most convenient thing for me has been my SL card. This is a card you can buy from 1 day up to 3 months worth of transportation. With this card, I can take any train, bus or subway, as many times a day as I want. thumbnail_img_1381It is nice not to worry about buying a bunch of different cards for different means of transportation. Also, another nice thing about the public transportation here in Sweden, is how simple it is. At every train, bus or subway stop, they have exactly where each vehicle will stop and how long it will take. There also is a mobile app that can route your trip for you! This has made it extremely easy for me to get around!

Like I said earlier, my sense of direction is not the best. One thing that really shocked me was how nice everyone was with helping me get around the city! Anytime I ask someone a question about directions, they take me to map or bring up a map on there phone and show me exactly what to do; and everyone spoke English to me which really helped as well.

thumbnail_img_1239Another thing that really shocked me was how easy it has been to talk to my family and friends back home. Once I got a Swedish sim card and phone plan, my phone worked just like normal! Before I left for Sweden, I downloaded “whatsapp” on my phone. With “whatsapp” I can text, send pictures, video call and voice call. This is the only way I talk to my family and friends back home but it works great for me! I only use it when I’m on wifi so I don’t use up my data but majority of restaurants, cafes and shops have their own wifi. I also have a wireless router in my room which is a big help!

Overall, this transition into my study abroad has been a lot smoother than I expected. I have been doing great with getting around the city and I have been able to talk to my family and friends every day! I am very excited for these months to come and I’m am so glad to be in Stockholm!

-Keagan Gay


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