Parikrama & Janakiramnagar

Julie Taylor
India: Sustainability in the Developing World
Winter Break, 2016

Today we visited the Parikrama,which is a Humanity Foundation, a school, in urban India.  This school is self sustaining and has set an example for the Government run schools.  They receive meals through the Akshaya Patra Foundation which is a school lunch program.  The teachers are well trained and eager to work with the children.

After this we visited the Janakiramnagar Community, a slum community (It holds hope for rural migrants, who has come to the city in search of a better livelihood of life for themselves and their family).  While there we visited the Anu Unit (Women for underprivileged community that make bags from discarded plastic bags and tetra packs.  This makes them a self help group and creates an income for them to live on.

Thirdly we visited the ITC Gardenia Hotel.  This was nice, it is considered to be a 5 star hotel, and it is all green.  The hotel uses windmills to produce energy and sells back to the grid the unused amount.  They reduce the carbon footprint that each guest has.  The use of rain water saves on water usage.


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