First Day in India: Co-Country Learning and Ginger Strolls

We made it! We have arrived in India!

Christ University welcomed us with open arms including an amazing welcoming ceremony.

Our first day. Our first day has been nothing short of a success. To communicate through this blog about some of the amazing activities, it seems best to share two experiences that resemble what study abroad is about and how we are doing. To do this I will talk about our ginger stroll in India, and a team based co-country learning experience.

A ginger stroll in India. Part of any study abroad is to be as immersive as possible and experience life in India. With the little amount of free time we had on day 1, Dr. Palmer and I figured the best way to start the immersion is to leave Christ University Campus and go for a stroll on the busy streets of Bengaluru and it was nothing less than expected. The amazing amounts of and types of vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, cars, and auto rickshaws was astounding. The cramped and busy street left an uneasy feeling at all times. Yet, the locals seemed to navigate without fear. Quite an experience.

The busy streets of Bengaluru.

Team based co-country learning experience. A second important part of study abroad is to interact with many people and learn from each other. Christ University allowed our students the amazing opportunity to work with their students in cross cultural teams to develop a presentation (maybe skit is a better term) to help everyone learn about each other and from each other. This was a great idea and really got our students interacting with each other in a meaningful activity based learning approach. Entertaining and informative would be an understatement.


Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Derrick McIver
Assistant Professor of Management
Western Michigan University


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