Pre-Departure Butterflies

Paulina Yu
Chemical Engineering Major
Engineering in China, Summer II Short-Term Faculty Led Program

Song: The World at Large // Modest Mousemountains

It’s the night before my trip and I have to leave somewhere around 9:45 am.

As usual, I am restless with excitement and an odd twinge of nervousness. This isn’t my first time traveling to Asia, but it is my first time alone. I am staying up late to pack, it’s a ritual I promise. I make sure to wait until the last possible moment before I have everything pack
ed up and ready to go. There are some things I check multiple times: wallet, passport, phone, phone charger, passport. My dog is barking because he knows every time I pack a suitcase; I am not going to be back for a while.

One thing to do before you leave on a trip, especially on one you are not bringing your laptop to, erase all of the photos and videos from your picture taking device and take a notebook. You are going to need that memory.

As for now, China is still a dream; but after a few hours, a time hop, and multiple miles. I will be able to share with you the experience.


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