Nearing the End of My Europe Adventure

Chloe Childs
Major: Advertising
Novancia Business School, Paris, France

I have been self-diagnosed with wanderlust ever since I discovered what the word meant. I knew that I wanted to travel and see the world, but I just wasn’t quite sure how. I decided that studying abroad was the perfect solution. It would allow me to live in Europe for four months and then travel as much as I wanted. My goal was to travel to as many places as possible. Now, with the end of my program I can definitely say that I accomplished my goal.

I finished my program at the beginning of May and then decided to stay and travel for about a month. When I return to the United States at the end of May, I will have visited 12 countries and numerous cities. I thought that my travels would somewhat satisfy my wanderlust, but instead, I have found that it has done the opposite. It has opened up my awareness to an even bigger world than I imagined that I now want to explore.

Photo Credit: Chloe Childs, 2016
Photo Credit: Chloe Childs, 2016

However, at the same time, it has also made me appreciate having a place that I call home. This was slightly unexpected. I figured that I once I arrived in Europe, I would never want to return. I have found that being a nomad can be lonely at times and is also exhausting. I am looking forward to having a somewhat permanent place when I return to the United States. I also cannot wait to drive a car again! Studying abroad in Paris has made me appreciate things, such as peanut butter and Mexican food. On a more serious note, it has also reminded that it’s not necessarily about the place, but about the people who are with you in the place.

While I am excited to return home, I am already planning for my next adventure, which begins a week and a half after I return. It will be an interesting transition, but I’m excited to embark on my next journey. Au Revior France!

Photo Credit: Chloe Childs, 2016
Photo Credit: Chloe Childs, 2016
Photo Credit: Chloe Childs, 2016
Photo Credit: Chloe Childs, 2016

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  1. Victoria says:

    Going home after a big trip is always hard. But the memories are always worth it!


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