I know that I want to travel the world

Juan Carlos Pastor
Accountancy Major
German Business and Culture, Germany
Summer I short-term, faculty-led course

What led me to this program was the fact that it was a Business Study Abroad program that was led by a faculty member. And then when I found out that we were going to travel all around the beautiful country of Germany I was ecstatic and I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity. Another factor that I really liked about this program was that it is not just a three credit Study Abroad program, but a six credit course in the matter of three weeks.

My biggest fears about this trip is traveling from the airport to the hotel that I’m supposed to meet up everyone at. My second fear is trying to get around town without knowing the German language. I’ve heard Germans speak the language before and they seem to talk extremely fast and add these emphasis on certain words.

Germany Bound Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Pastor, 2016
Germany Bound
Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Pastor, 2016

The thing I am most excited about for this trip is that I will be in Europe for the first time ever in my life. That is one of the things on my to-do list in life; to travel to Europe no matter what country it is. Germany looks like a beautiful country to be in with all the historic landmarks of pre and post World War II. The older buildings look nice there and I am very much looking forward to discover the nation.

I wouldn’t say that someone influenced me to make this decision but myself and the benefits that I would get from this opportunity. I know that I want to travel the world in my lifetime and why not start with Germany. Plus the credits that I receive in a short amount of time is phenomenal. I am very much excited for this and hope to learn a lot from this.

The study abroad conversation that I had with my family went splendid! They were happy to hear the news that I would be traveling to Germany since I would be the first person in the family to travel to Europe. My mom immediately told the rest of the family of the good news and had no questions for me except what I would be doing. I just simply said that I would be studying abroad and taking classes over there and from there on out she was happy for me. The rest of my family were excited for me and encouraged me to go since they knew I’d have a good time and it was a marvelous opportunity to learn their culture and business.

Germany Bound Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Pastor, 2016
Germany Bound
Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Pastor, 2016

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