I chose Germany for several reasons

Daniel Lopez
Accountancy Major
German Business and Culture, Germany
Summer I short-term faculty-led course

I have always had the dream of traveling the world and seeing the wonderful attractions that it has to offer. For me, education is the bridge that will allow me to fulfill my dream and grant me the opportunity to explore and discover the beauty of the world. I chose Germany for several reasons: a part of the history that Germany has gone through and there are personal reasons such as the love for football (soccer) that I share with the people of Germany. As it is a goal for me to learn ten languages and German happens to be one of them, I am eager to see how much I am able to pick up in the short time that’ll I’ll be here.  I know, however, that I will have to return in order to fully immerse myself and learn the language. Germany is also a leading nation in human rights movements along with the acceptance of refuges.  I want to learn how I can take what I learn and apply it in the United States. Germany also happens to be the leading nation in the European Union, having a big part in the economics of Europe, I am excited to learn more about global business and adding a new perspective towards my view on business and how I can apply it towards my education.

My family has been extremely supportive, although at first they were skeptical and unsure of why I wanted to go study abroad and why not just take summer classes back in Michigan. They have allowed me to pursue my dreams and help me in any way that they can. With their support it makes it a lot easier for me to go study in a different nation, in a sense I am doing what my parents did by coming to the U.S. and going to a new country where they start from the bottom, not knowing what to expect, not knowing the language, but being optimistic that it will all be worth it.

My biggest fear going to Germany, is to fall in love with the country and not wanting to come back. I am a worried that I will be homesick and miss my family, especially since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, it will be the first time in years that I will not spend my birthday with them. Language barrier was a concern for me, however that will only make me want to learn German even more.

First picture in Germany Photo Credit: Daniel Lopez, Germany, 2016
First picture in Germany
Photo Credit: Daniel Lopez, Germany, 2016

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