A Dream Come True: Pre-African Adventure

Brooke Witchell
Health Education Major
Exploring Heath and Healthcare Systems in South Africa
Summer I faculty-led program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

April 26th, 2016

            So I’m getting ready to pack my bags and fly to Port Elizabeth, South Africa with eleven other girls, most of who are in the same program as me, and one instructor from WMU! We leave May 8th, which is right around the corner and also happens to be Mother’s Day…sorry Mom! There are only a million and one thoughts and emotions flying through me right now in relation to this trip of a lifetime; fear, happiness, nervousness, curiosity, a little sadness and worry, but most of all, excitement. I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to travel to a beautiful country and study the health and healthcare systems there. I am so happy and thankful that I took Foun
dation of Health this past semester. Had I not taken that class, I wouldn’t have even known about this trip. One of the instructors for the class, Dr. Bensley, is the instructor that leads this trip to Port Elizabeth. As soon as he mentioned it in class, I started the application and getting my ducks in a row to hopefully be accepted into the program.

My whole life I have loved traveling. That being said, Africa has been my dream country to visit since I was very young. Now, not only is that dream coming true, but I am going so I can study what I am passionate about. This really is a dream come true in all aspects! I really wish more students could have dreams like this come true for them as well.

Pre-Departure Post
My favorite picture of my dog and I hanging out one night after a late night at work. Like I said, she is my best friend.

On top of everything directly related to the trip, my friends and family are extremely supportive of my going on this adventure. I remember opening the email saying I had been accepted into the program. I immediately called my parents and they assured me that nothing would stop me from going. They even offered to let my lovely little pup stay with them while I am gone, which is AMAZING, that saves me the money and trouble of finding a place for her to stay. I will miss my girl though, she is my best buddy and there isn’t much we don’t do together, which is why I will be taking a picture of her with me on this adventure. (=

I really cannot fully express how excited I am to have this opportunity!  More to come after the fun begins!!!


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