Discovering Europe: Places to Visit While Abroad

Jonathan Choszczyk
Major: Business
CIMBA Business, Paderno del Grappa, Italybuilding

During the time I have spent here in Europe I have been a lot of places but I must say that the place I enjoyed most was Germany.  Everything from its architecture, both old and new was a breathtaking sight.

I deeply enjoyed their culture (and the American sized quantity and type of food).  Some of my favorite things about it were its numerous beer gardens and the availability of travel.  Lots of places I went require you to have to pay to get around, but not Berlin or Munich.  This allowed some of the easiest travel I have yet to experience and made it relatively painless when it came to inevitably messing up while using the public transportation system.


Meghann Richards, taking a selfie

Some of the close runners up to my favorite trips actually occurred during my travel week in Barcelona, Krakow, and Brussels.

In Barcelona we did everything from staying up an entire night to running in the ocean.  We decided to attempt to give Meghann the best possible birthday ever so stayed out with her all night and even watched the sun rise the next morning.

Overall my experience in Europe was something that really enlightened me to foreign cultures and made me appreciate people who do travel abroad.  Studying abroad is something I would highly recommend to anyone, regardless of if you’re interested in foreign culture or language.  It’s an eye opening experience that you will remember for the rest of your life and create lasting friendships!

9 people

I can honestly say I have loved my time here in Europe more than anything I have done in college so far.  Don’t miss an opportunity to take a chance and discover something new about yourself.

friends on the countryside


Jon Choszczyk

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