Midterms in South Africa

Alexis Lenderman
Majors: Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Leadership
University of Cape Town, South Africa

I have taken my midterms here at University of Cape Town, and they are set up much different than I am used to. Here, all of the exams are essay questions where the lecturer may give you 3-5 questions that could be on the exam and I have to know how to answer all of them because I will not know which one or more will be on the exam.


This way of doing things requires much more studying and a full understanding of the concepts and topics discussed in class because I have to be able to write 3-5 pages for the exam and include examples to back up my points. Also, once the exams are complete, it is the tutors who grade/mark them. It may take a week or so to get them back and the grades may be posted on a poster board in the faculty department.

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