My Study Abroad Bucket List

Alexis Lenderman
Majors: Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Leadership
University of Cape Town, South Africa

I am a list person. I need to have my life organized so that I can feel productive and accomplished. That is why I highly recommend that when you study abroad, make a list of all of the activities that you would like to do. Don’t be overwhelmed if your list is a few pages long or if you put some crazy things on there that you thought you’d NEVER do (like bungy jumping)! I made a list of over 20 things that I would like to do while here in South Africa and I taped it on my wall next to my bed. This will just help me see what I would like to do/accomplish while I am here. Also, it feels good when you are able to check something off. I can’t wait until after these 4.5 months are up and see what all I’ve done in this time!
It is difficult to find people to do the activities that you would like to do, so don’t feel afraid to do activities either by yourself or with people you’ve never met before because I’ve met so many awesome people that way!

Just in a month since I’ve been here, I have done 7 of the things on my list!!

On my list I have:

• Victoria Falls
• Skydive
Bungy Jump DONE
Garden Route DONE
• Get a tattoo
• Shark cage dive
• Pet a lion
• Okavana Delta
• Kruger National Park (game drive)
• White water rafting
Join SHAWCO (a local NGO) DONE
• Go to Zimbabwe
• Visit friend in Botswana
• Cable car ride up side of Table Mountain
Go to Kirstenbosch DONE
Kayak with penguins DONE
Robben Island DONE
• Fish River Canyon
• Chote National Park
• Paragliding
• Sandboarding
• Surf lessons
• Scuba dive
• Visit Johannesburg and Durban
• Wakeboarding
Do an Elephant walk DONE



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