Friends, Wine, and Toscana

Jonathan Choszczyk
Major: Business
CIMBA Business, Paderno del Grappa, Italy

After the initial shock of some of the cultural differences, the deeper impact of really living in a foreign country starts to take hold. This weekend I traveled to a very remote and rural part of the Toscana region.
Starting from my very arrival I could tell it was going to be a different sort of weekend (plus it was my friend Emily’s 21st birthday).

(Meghann Richards, Emily Kurtz, Angela DeFilippo)

By far one of the best things about the weekend was the slower pace of everything, and the beautiful places that we got to visit. We visited a winery, San Gimignano, and Siena amongst a lot of local small Toscana towns.

european fuente
San Gimignano

San Gimignano is an amazing place. It is a small town located on the crest of a hill that overlooks a large part of the Toscana countryside. With lots of authentic Italian culture, this small town definitely had to be up on the list of most beautiful places in Italy.
more friends
After visiting San Gimignano, we decided to take a winery tour, seeing all the steps in the wine making process, as well as getting to see how they make all their fresh produce.
Starting out the tour we got to see where they got all their own dairy and meat from the barn.

Justin Giola and his new friend
Justin Giola and his new friends

After that our tour took us to the distillery where they make 100% organic wine.

Wine stills

And the place where they left it to ferment for years
This weekend was one of the most eye opening experiences as to what Italian culture is like, without all the big buildings and tourist attractions. Spending a little time to get away from the craziness of school and the high intensity of city traveling and sightseeing is a must do and something I will never regret. I hope everyone gets the chance to do something like this experience, and I can’t wait to get back to it.
I encourage everyone to slow down and appreciate the beauty around him or her daily.



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