Pre-Departure Study Abroad Tips

Imani Jenkins
Major: Advertising and Promotion
Melbourne, Australia

As I prepare for my semester down under, I have come across a few tips that will honestly help anyone going on a study abroad no matter where you are planning on going.

  • You can’t take it all
    This was the first rule I had to give myself because I am the queen of over-packing. You will not wear that sunhat that has been sitting in your closet since 2011. Just because you’re going to a new place with better weather than you’re used to, doesn’t mean you have to bring all things that are created for the sun (put it down or better yet donate it because that baby hasn’t seen sunlight since you had braces). Instead, focus on bringing the basics. Things that you can mix and match to help your wardrobe go further. And if all else fails you can always do some shopping while you’re there!
  • Make time to say your goodbyes
    This is an important one. Whether you work or volunteer, take the week before you leave off so you can spend some quality T.L.C. with the ones you love. Even though you aren’t leaving forever, for your friends and family it’s going to feel like you are. Plan a night in with your friends, watch your favorite American movies while over-eating your favorite American snacks one last time before you go. You might not need the extra love before you go, but your family and friends sure do.
  • Invest in a hiking back pack
    Oh my gosh, I cannot explain how much you will thank me for this. Purchase a 70ml hiking backpack because it literally holds an insane amount, and it will be awesome for hiking around your new county or to take when you’re traveling. When I am in Australia, I plan on going to New Zealand and Fiji, and this will be the perfect bag to bring because you are not going to want to lug around a suitcase. Just trust me on this one and invest in one, you won’t regret it.
  • And lastly…..Get pumped
    You are about to have the time of your life, my friend, so be ready. Be ready for new friends, new adventures and be ready to gain a new prospective on the world.

Good Luck Everyone☺


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